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Malvaez Anabel

Anabel is a Mexican abstract artist. Creative and with skill for the drawing made her studied Industrial Design at the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City. In search of the connection between knowledge and craft, she has been a constant attendant in theoretical courses and practical workshops on painting with different recognized teachers, working and experimenting with several techniques. Her works are framed by subtle atmospheric spaces that emphasize her sensibility. Wielding the seductive creation of atmospheric effects that evanesce the identity of spots, the painter shifts between different techniques imbued with a sensibility sustaining softness, serenity and quietude. Since 1992 she has participated in many art exhibitions all over Mexico, As well as abroad in Vienna, Austria., Bordeaux, France and Toronto, Canada Her work was selected to participate in ¨Art al Vent¨ festival in Spain and in the12-th international biennial of contemporary textile art ¨SCYTHIA 12¨ in Ukraine. My Encaustic Work Among all the techniques I work with, I have a strong connection whit the encaustic. Through every encaustic painting, I try to bring the viewer into my mysterious and provocative atmospheres that I create to express my inner being. Anabel Malvaez.