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Calzada Georgina

She has presented the exhibition "des fleurs qui ne se taisent pas” last february at the Cervantes Institute in Bordeaux, France.   Her current project seeks to ponder the struggle and transformation in an effort to achievegender equity in Mexico.   In recent years, it has developed the theme of women, of migrants and haskept special interest in human rights and the importance of the other asperson.   Through her work, she seeks to transform the look towards the feminine gender. A social fabric that shows our women and men that we are equal in value andwe enrich ourselves in the differences.   Once again, the flower is the feminine symbol par excellence. It represents that subtle force andpowerful of the woman. The essence that distinguishes us. On this occasion, presents some flowers much more vibrant. That in its colors highlight diversity, movement and evolution.   Works that remind us that the road is built by walking and walking we leave the traces of our presence.   He has exhibited in Mexico, USA, France, Monaco, Peru, Uruguay, Argentina, Austria, Belgium and Denmark.     Last Individual Exhibitions 2020    “des fleurs qui ne se taisent pas“Cervantes Institute.             Bordeaux, FR. 2018    “Flores Mexicanas” Mexican Cultural Institute.             Copenhague, DK 2018    “Flores que no se callan” BANOBRAS CDMX 2018    “Flores Mexicanas” Inst. Cervantes. Viena, AT. 2017    “Flores marchitas”  Federal Court of Administrative Justice              México. 2016    “Withered flowers” EDD 2016. Bruxelles, BE.